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Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a systemic treatment in which we can save life of a patient and help him to prevent from being HIV positive. Any possible exposure which will lead to HIV infection including sexual intercourse with sex worker and during that condom gets burst or having intimate massage at massage parlor; the person is exposed to direct contact that can lead to the possible exposure to HIV. And, any health worker who gets exposed to any instrument prick like needle, cannula or any other sharp instrument during any surgical or dental procedures or in case of drug abuse patients the exposure to needle pricks or children playing in playground exposed to any mucus membrane wound exposure or during any bus, train accident, the chances of contamination can take place. This is possible in case of sexual assault also.

In all these cases, we can put patient on PEP therapy which is a system of medicines in which we use minimum 4 anti-viral drugs for the treatment of HIV upto 28-30 days within 72 hours of possible exposure. By using these drugs we can prevent transmission of HIV up to 98%. So you are recommended to start PEP treatment as early as possible in order to save yourself from getting HIV.

HIV is a very dangerous disease. It leads to possible collapse of the body’s immune system in which CD3, CD4 and CD8 cells are reduced and viral load of HIV is increased in the blood system by which the system gets collapsed and patient is not able to sustain his/her life for longer period of time and it becomes difficult to survive.

  • Clinical findings
  • Patient indicated for HIV post exposure prophylaxis
  • HIV tests indicated
  • Provision of treatment for broken skin and wounds
  • Risk of HIV
  • Advantages of PEP treatment
  • Possible side effects
  • Special counselling in case of sexual assault
  • PEP treatment as soon as possible following exposure
  • 28 days of regime
  • Drug information and possible side effects
  • HIV test at 3 months after exposure
  • Updating patient regarding HIV through internet means (blogs, queries etc)
  • Regular follow-up through calls
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