HIV is a deadly disease caused by human immuno deficiency virus. This virus exposure to human body makes a person HIV positive and causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). This virus when enters the blood, makes the body fluid including blood and other body fluids like saliva, vaginal fluids, semen infected. All these body fluids become sources of infection to other persons who come in contact with the HIV infected person.

The exposure to HIV can be due to many reasons like sexual intercourse with any sex worker, or any intimacy during body massage, any needle prick or sharp instrument injury during any dental or other surgical procedures if sterilization is not done under protocols, blood transfusion if blood is infected, and congenital if any of the partner if already HIV positive and has conceived and thus the fetus (unborn baby) becomes HIV positive, in cases of drug abuse patients due to the regular and anonymous use of needles for the intake of drugs.

After the entry of this virus in human body, it takes time to show its presence by having the signs and symptoms. The early signs and symptoms of HIV takes around two to three months to occur or sometimes after longer period of time, a person feels that the body is not working properly and continuous illness of body is felt by the infected one.

The early signs and symptoms of HIV positive patients include fever, rashes, headache, feeling sick, body ache, headache, moth ulcers, sore throat, night sweats, swollen glands, swollen and bleeding gums, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. When these symptoms are present in a patient, its called as Seroconversion illness. Remember, not everyone has these symptoms, and sometimes these are mistaken for flu or other viral infections.

If not treated, this HIV enters the blood of a person that leads to the destruction of immune cells of body and the body becomes prone to many (around 30) opportunistic infections and the person remains HIV positive for life. In such cases when a person becomes HIV positive, one has to take medicines for life so to improvise the life a person. But after a person becomes HIV positive, it is mandatory to take medicines for life and such cases cannot be treated by any means. HIV positive means Positive for life. Any kind of physical contact having contact of body fluids with such persons becomes a source of HIV infection for the others.

The signs and symptoms of HIV should never be ignored. Many people become victim of this deadly disease by ignoring the signs and symptoms even after having the complete knowledge of HIV exposure. When one knows that by any means of factors, exposure has taken place, and then no ignorance should play any part. A simple ignorance can make you life time victim of this deadly disease. The only way to diagnose whether one has HIV (HIV POSITIVE), is only the way of laboratory investigations. Through those tests it can be detected one is HIV positive or not.

In any case exposure to HIV infection is felt, rush to HIV specialist on immediate basis to prevent your life from this deadly virus and from becoming HIV positive.

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